Mettl's 360-Degree Feedback Assessment

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Real Time

Get access to scorecards real time, thanks to Mettl’s cutting-edge technology. No more back and forth in manual calculations.

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Encryption ensures that data’s sanctity is fool proof. Reports once created are encrypted in a format which makes them inaccessible as text and images.

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Differential Scoring

Not all competencies should be measured in equal terms for senior managers, middle managers and individual contributors, can they? Mettl’s 360 Degree Assessment Platform allows you to set differential scoring for a particular competency in accordance with the job role.

Why Mettl's 360?

Because Mettl’s 360 Degree Assessment Platform hosts appraisal questionnaires drafted by Subject Matter Experts in 60+ industries across 600+ skill sets. Insert neutrality and external expertise in your 360 Degree Performance Appraisal, this year.


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Not Your Run Of The Mill 360 Degree Platform

More About Mettl

What We Do

Mettl is a powerful online assessment platform that enables hiring managers in companies to measure and track skills of pre-hires and employees.

With Mettl, you can measure, analyze and improve people skills. It is ideal for companies who want to run multi-competency assessments for their prospective hires or existing employees. We focus deeply on the science of assessments in addition to the technology around it. The main benefits and salient features of our assessment platform are highlighted below:

  • Create multi-competency assessments - i.e. measure aptitude, technical and personality skills applicable in work environment
  • Simulation based - sharper measurement of skills
  • Automatic invigilation - for remote testing situations
  • Actionable analytics - deep report on candidates generated real time

Our Clients

  • Oracle
  • Sears
  • SAP
  • Havells
  • Puma
  • InMobi

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