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Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption Trends 2019

A survey report powered by 350+ industry leaders to help organizations identify best practices and strengthen their tech recruitment process


What's Inside?

This report seeks to draw meaningful trends and insights into the challenges that plague every stage in the tech recruitment process and the various factors that contribute to technology adoption or lack of it in that process, in companies of different sizes, across the globe. It aims to make a small dent in the most exciting and challenging landscape of tech recruitment that we are witnessing today.



Rise of new channels for sourcing tech candidates




Evaluation criteria and evolution of resume parsing tools




Role and organizational fitment assessment




Embracing new interview technologies

"Competing for tech talent never gets easier, nor is it a perfect mathematical equation. Instead it’s about understanding your market, knowing what your current and prospective employees are looking for, and doing your best to create the environment that attracts the right workers to your company."

Stacey Carroll, Principal Consultant at Payscale

Key Challenges:


Organizations expressed their inability to source the desired quality of candidates


Organizations identified a long lead time as one of their biggest challenges in the tech recruitment process


Organizations have an inadequate understanding about which tech tool to adopt, to ease their challenges


Organizations relied solely on face-to-face interviews to hire tech talent

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