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Leadership Hiring
Trends 2019

A survey report of 200+ organisations covering trends, challenges
& best pratices to help businesses achieve leadership success.


What's Inside?

The report is meant to provide insights on the leadership trends, challenges and best practices
that organizations of different sizes follow in different regions and industries, across the globe.


Leadership development practices that organizations follow to create and sustain a successful leadership team and how they are evolving with time



Top challenges that organizations face while planning and executing leadership development programs



Targeted insights on how to carry out leadership development to meet its desired objective

Top Leadership Hiring Trends

Based on survey here are some hiring practices that can increase
the chances of finding the right leadership talent for any company.


Organisations do not have any
leadership competency framework.

Organisations assess personality
skills during leadership hiring.


Organisations make use scientifically
validated talent assessment tool.


is the average time the leadership
hiring process takes.

Here's a Sneak Peek