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India’s Graduate
Skill Index 2023

A Mercer I Mettl study, highlighting the top roles and skills that Indian companies seek in their hires and the employability of Indian graduates concerning these in-demand skills. 


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Key takeaways 


Framework to understand skills in the light of new age AI developments  


Employability readiness of Indian graduates on top in-demand job roles and skills 


Tier-wise employability across colleges and skill groups  


Actionable insights for companies and academia to build an industry-led learning ecosystem for Indian graduates  


Mercer | Mettl analyzed the data from 2500+ colleges in India and 440k+ students to understand the talent landscape of young India and their employability.

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Sneak peek 

The report brings insights for industry and academia to strategize and align their efforts in upskilling and nurturing talent, thus producing a workforce equipped to flourish in this new era.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the findings of the report:


of Indian graduates who apply for jobs are employable


of graduates applying for AI/ML roles are job-ready



of learners in Tier 3 colleges have employability in non-technical skills

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Sneak peek  

We analyzed the assessment data of 1600+ professionals to understand the personality traits of the current workforce, which is comprised of Gen X (born between 1965–1980), Gen Y or Millennials (born between 1981–2000) and Gen Z (born 2001–2020).  

Based on primary and secondary research, Mercer | Mettl has compiled key recommendations that companies can implement immediately to get the best out of the strengths of each generation at work and align them to create a more significant impact. 

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