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Competency Frameworks for Popular Job Roles

A Ready to Use Handbook for Top 30 Job Roles Along with Interview Questions

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What's Inside?

Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for quality talent who would adhere to the company’s work culture and align with the vision to give quality output. The three vital aspects that help in onboarding a quality talent with the perfect balance of required skill set are:



Comprehensive knowledge of the job role at hand, necessary skills required to meet daily KRA/KPIs and the efficiency to complete day-to-day work.



Combination of a candidate's intellectual skills like observation, memory, visual processing, mental flexibility, critical thinking, and decision making.



Collective knowledge, attitude and action an individual possess in a business setting across all job levels that get revealed in form of workplace behavior.

i-101 To strike a balance between the three and based on our experience of working with 2,000 clients, we have compiled a ready to use competency framework manual and interview guide for top 30 job roles which would in turn benefit organizations in making the right hires.

Popular Job Functions

The following e-book covers popular popular job function catering to different industries. Along with aforementioned competency frameworks, this e-book helps you hire the right candidate by asking targeted questions. 

Popular Job Roles
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